5 reasons to stay with us at Millets of Mewar Eco-Guest House

Enjoy a family run guest-house with strong ethics and integrity
Support Zero Waste Udaipur, sustainable tourism and localization
Discover of the traditional culture through activities and meetings with local community
Connect with local NGOs who are working on social and environmental issues
Easy communication in English, Mewari and Hindi

Our Eco practicese

o We are committed to a vision of healthy, caring and toxic-free lifestyles. We are collaborating with Zero Waste Udaipur (Shikshantar) project.
We segregate, recycle, upcycle and compost our waste. Check out our special composter designed by Earth Care Designs.
We try to save energy and use renewable energy. We use low-consumption LED bulbs. We use solar panels to heat our water.

We grow our own organic herbal roof-top garden for fresh herbal teas and remedies. We also have some fruit trees, including pomegranate, lemon and guava trees. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used.

We offer free RO (reverse osmosis) filtered water refill station and also glass refill bottles to reduce plastic bottle waste in our city. We keep the water in traditional breathing-cooling clay pots. We offer drinking water in rooms in copper vessels, on request. Click here to see the benefits of drinking water from copper vessels. http://www.thehealthsite.com/diseases-conditions/10-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-a-copper-vessel-p214/

We encourage travellers, whenever possible, to participate in non-polluting activities such as walking and cycling...We offer the best off-the-beaten track walking tours in the city. Cycles are also available for rent on Gift Culture basis. We also organize cycle tours in the city and outside to rural areas.

Through our Artisan Academy, we offer several classes with local artisans in pottery, puppetry, miniature painting, upcycling (jewelry), yoga and naturopathy treatment. We also support those who are interested in camping with tents in nature with our partners Tapovan Ashram (15 km outside the city).

We run a local fair trade eco-shop with upcycled and natural products, in collaboration with Eco-Hut. Check out our famous cow-dung clay soap/facials, herbal shampoo, cloth sanitary pads, cloth bags, natural mosquito repellent, natural tooth powder, upcycled jewelry and other zero waste crafts, khadi towels, etc.
We offer organic drinks and snacks from local Banyan Roots Organic Store.

We have a small library with excellent books and movies on the environment and culture. We also promote freecycling of books though our Dariya Dil Bookstall (Open Hearted sharing of books).
We promote the use of traditional dishwashing cleaner made of ash, soapnut and lemongrass.
We offer beautiful upcycled cloth bags for our guests to use local shopping instead of taking plastic bags.
During a stay, unless specifically requested, bed sheets and towels are changed only once every three days.

Each bathroom is equipped with a shower. However, buckets and mugs are also provided to encourage our guests to bath the traditional Indian way, which requires less water (two to three times). Locals use some 15 litres of water per person per bath, when a shower with running water requires 30 to 40.
We try our level best to work through the Internet in order to avoid overuse of paper.

We raise guest and staff awareness about our environmental concerns. For the benefit of the natural environment, travellers are guided towards a sustainable personal use of water and energy resources and a reduction of their waste products, particularly plastic.
We are open to new ideas for sustainable tourism and are continually innovating and experimenting. Please feel free to share your ideas with us.
Come and experience the real hospitality and care of Mewari culture!!!


o We employ exclusively local staff.
We establish long lasting working relationships with local small-scale structures and communities.
We give priority to local purchasing.
We offer activities and excursions led by locals.
We encourage our guests to buy handicrafts directly from local artisans.
We invest 5% of Millets of Mewar Eco-Guest House profits to support local projects related to art education and environment camps for children living in slums.

Participate in Some Eco-Activities in Udaipur

o Slow Food cooking classes at Millets of Mewar Restaurant
Daily morning walking and cycling on Fateh Sagar with Harawal Cycling Group
Sunday Tree Planting with Pukaar Youth Group
Sunday Morning Game-a-thon (cooperative community games) at Gulaab Bagh Garden
Daily upcycling workshops at Eco-Hut