Photoshop and the other CS4 applications are VERY slow to open a Windows file browsing window to select files when File Open or File Save As menu options are run -- it can take as long as a minute or two for the window to open. When I click on the OK button, Acrobat closes down..

Lord finesse food for thought instrumental

Quem pode ouvir essa lista. Now every neighborhood has a nice child But because of the things around em they change up they whole lifestyle I knew a kid with a little cash He had a little gear, yo, his status was middle class But girls used to say he was so chopped And brothers around the way wasn't tryin to give him no props He was quiet, he used to lounge and play the smooth role Brothers tried to diss him, he ain't sweat it, it was cool though Confidence is what the child lacked He was tryin to scoop this girl he was sweatin since a while back He asked honey to go with him Since he didn't have a name, that bitch ain't give him no rhythm Matter of fact, she made him feel low She said she needed a man that was out there makin real dough So it was a lot that he had to prove So money said 'fuck it' and changed up his whole attitude [ CHORUS ] Time to get it Yo, y'all better chill Time to clock bills Yo, y'all better chill Hey yo, I wanna get ill Yo, y'all better chill So what's the muthafuckin deal?.